tai chi moving for better balance instructor guide and dvd Instructor guidebook includes Parkinson’s protocol & DVD

The  Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Instructor’s Guide and DVD provide the detailed information you need to plan a program (including a protocol for Parkinson’s) and weekly classes:

  • How to plan a weeks class and practice schedule, including a weekly planner (workbook)
  • Detailed Movement Practice:  extensive photo and written instructions, with supporting video

This Tai Chi Program represents the results of years of scientific research and community evaluations. It’s focus is on preventing falls through regular practice. Tai Chi, when practiced regularly, will improve one’s balance and reduce the likelihood of falling. (has been shown to reduce the risk of falling by as much as 55%).

The Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Instructor Guide and DVD is the result of years of research, and leads instructors through planning and implementation of Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance classes, and includes the entire Student Guide for planning your learning program for the movements.

There are 8 single forms in the program, all of which are derived from the traditional, well-known, 24-Form Yang Style Tai Chi but tailored to community adults who wish to improve balance and mobility, and consequently, reduce the risk of falling.

The eight single forms are arranged in a progression from easy to more difficult. Each of these forms can be performed and practiced repeatedly as a single movement or in combination as part of a routine.

All forms adhere to the fundamental principles of traditional Tai Chi that involve weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing stances, correct postural body alignment, and coordinated movements performed in a slow,continuous, circular, and flowing manner.

Performance of the forms is closely coordinated with natural breathing, that is,each single movement is paired with the natural inhale and exhale breathing cycle.

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