CDC’s Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Guide for Implementation

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Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance was developed by a team of researchers at the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) under grants from the US government. Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance was tested beginning in 2004, and demonstrated effective in decreasing the number of falls, the risk of falling, and fear of falling, and improving functional balance and physical performance among persons aged 70 and older. Continued research resulted in a program, including a community level implementation plan, a participant practice guide & DVD. Finally, a two week pilot demonstration proved that the Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Program could be successfully disseminated, and implemented at the community level.

Portions from the Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance Guide for Implementation, instructors’ manual, supplemental materials, student learning guidebook, and Instruction DVD produced by ORI during the research were adapted, compiled, revised (2011)and published by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control as

“Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance: A Guide for Program Implementation”.

tai chi moving for better balanceThe program is rated by the HHS Administration on Community Living as Top Tier among evidence based prevention programs, it has met the following criteria:

  • Undergone Experimental or Quasi-Experimental Design
    Reached a Level at which full translation has occurred in a community site
    Dissemination products have been developed and are available to the public.

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Fitness & Personal Trainers, Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi Teachers:

learn to provide a TOP TIER, Evidence Based, prevention and wellness program

CDC’s Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance practiced as a group activity is an opportunity for social interaction between like-minded older adults.

CDC’s Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance can also be adapted for one on one in the home for the home-bound client.

Tai Chi In the Continuum of Care for Physical Therapy. In this one day Physical Therapist Continuing Education Course, participants will learn the basic set of CDC’s Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance movements, a set of pre- and post program instruments, teaching protocol, and a method for planning/analyzing fidelity of program implementation. Receive detailed lesson planning materials and video for home study.


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